Pestering Birds

Pestering Birds 1.5

Pestering Birds is an action-puzzle game
3.5  (28 votes)
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Have lots of hours of fun with this great free game. With Pesertering you will enjoy shooting the birds by color. At the beginning you have to put your name and after that you can choose between three modes, adventure, arcade and action, each of them has 3 different difficulty levels, beginner, intermediate or expert. In all modes you have to match 3 birds with the same color in order to blow them up, you have to avoid them to reach the end, if you shoot 20 coins you earn an extra life, and if you shoot symbols you can earn powerups, like slowdown the birds, stop them or make them go back a little. You have to advance in a map in which each step is a sub stage, one you finish the map you will end the stage completely. You can raise your status by finishing stages, and the available statuses are explorer, adventurer, excavator, surveyor and researcher. The difference between the modes is that in adventure and action mode the birds walk over a wire that changes it shape with each sub-stage. In the arcade mode the birds come down the screen like in Tetris. A good tip is to pay attention in blowing them arranging chains, and not in simple blocks of three, this way you earn more points.

Augusto Rivera
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  • It has lot of different modes, substages, stages and difficulty levels


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